Documented teaching for work at heights:

Are you going to work more than 2 meters above the ground? In that case you are obliged to take this course, which provides you with an introduction in equipment and techniques you need to complete your work safely.

Working in the heights are working operations which may lead to falling to a lower level. We can find examples of such work in working with roofs or on ladders, working on covers or scaffolding, working in a lift and more. Falling is one of the most common causes of injury and death in the work place, and we are therefore intent on giving you and your business the right training! We feel that it is very important that working in the heights should be performed in a safe way and under suitable ergonomic conditions from a suitable surface.

At Global Scaffolders course center, our focus is on teaching about working in the heights according to the most recent laws and regulations.

Following topics are (among others) discussed in the course:

Target participants:

Course duration


Laws regulating working in the heights

Injury insurance required



Working on roof

Fall safety