Documented training

It rests on the shoulders of contractors, employers and workers to take on the responsibility of making sure that he or she who is executing heating work in any work space has a valid certificate. When working with heating, soldering and brazing (without the usage of open flame), certificates are not required.
When using the term “hot work”, we mean installations-, assembling-, repair- and maintenance work where there is usage of open flame or heat, or tools for welding, cutting, brazing, soldering or abrasion.
Our instructors have been certified by the Norwegian Association of Fire Safety (Norsk Brannvernforening). The certificates are distributed by the Norwegian Association of Fire Safety (Norsk Brannvernforening).


-Increasing individual workers’ understanding for fire hazard in working with heat, and take certain fire preventative actions.

Following topics are (among others) discussed in the course:

Fire theory

Laws and regulations

Fire safety prior to work

Fire safety during work

Fire safety after ended work

Actions in case of fire

Experiences from fire

Finishing with a test

Target participants:

Course duration

The practical training may be done after individual agreements in relation to the course, or in relation to work. In this case it has to be documented by a certified scaffolding assembler.